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Dr. Martens Shoes and Boots

Dr. Martens Shoes and Boots Review

Dr. Martens Shoes

Dr. Martens Shoes

Dr. Martens shoes are a well known brand of footwear in the UK and have been immensely popular for more than half a century. Dr. Martens boots and shoes have become popular with many cultures in Britain and are still a big seller today. Often called DMs or Doc Martens, this show has a distinctive look about them with bouncing rubber soles and yellow stitching.

The Dr. Martens boot was first conceived by a doctor in the German army when his standard issue shoe proved to be too uncomfortable when trekking across the Bavarian Alps during World War 2. Sales in Germany soared during the years after the war with as many as 80% of all sales being women who loved the ladies design Dr. Martens shoe.

The Dr. Martens boot was first introduced in Britain in April 1960 and was an eight holed boot which became popular with postal workers, police officers and construction workers. A number of youth subcultures also began to wear them and the boot became very popular among skinheads, punks, and mods. Later the 10-hole and 14-hole designs were to become very popular and very comfortable to wear.

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